Thursday, May 3, 2018

Be Kind to Animals Week


The first full week of May is "Be Kind to Animals Week."
  Be Kind to Animals Week #kindness #auotimmunewellness #autoimmunedisorders #pets


Our pets are some of the best companions we could ever have. I know living with autoimmune disorders and having pets have helped me immensely. In the last twenty years I have had four dogs, three horses and a bunch of fish. All of these animals have helped me a different times and in different ways.

My dogs have helped keep me calm and relaxed. Having them around gives our house a sense of peace. Since dogs sleep for many hours of the day, it is nice seeing them curled up in a chair or on a blanket. That gives me a sense of calm.

My horses have helped me grow a backbone. They have given me confidence and have taught me that there isn't much I can't do. They are such a peaceful animal they provide a calm environment. And I'll tell you something you may not know if you have never been around horses, when they give you a hug without you asking for one, it is magical.


Let's show our pets some kindness this week!

Porkchop when he was pup.

In my neck of the woods the temperature is finally warm enough to give the dogs a bath. Applesauce loves to get a bath and she loves to be dried with a hair dryer. She likes getting in an empty bathtub and sitting in it. Crazy dog!


I bought my dogs a new bag of rawhide chews for them to work on. I've recently changed their diet to a more healthier one. I got rid of all of the biscuits and treats and have moved them over to fresh meat, rice and kibble with salmon.

My dog Porkchop has developed and allergy to chicken. I have them on a regular schedule for trips to the vet for nail trims, shots and checkups.

My horses just had their shots for the spring and now I'm looking forward to giving them their first bath of the season. They get their hooves trimmed on Tuesday.

me and april 
Me and April

me and may 
Me and May

How will you be extra kind to your pet this week? Have you been thinking about getting a pet? I have found that the best dogs are rescue dogs. All of my dogs have been rescue dogs and I love keeping up with my local SPCA to see the new dogs that are dropped off and are in need of a forever home.          


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