Friday, March 9, 2018

Multiple Sclerosis and Employment

Making a decision about your employment

You have been diagnosed with MS and you are currently working. You may have questions that concern your ability to work. You may be thinking:
  • What will I do next?
  • Do I keep working?
  • Will I seek other employment?
  • Is MS going to interfere with my ability to continue at my current position?
Many people continue to work even though they have been diagnosed with MS. Others may wait until they experience a flare before deciding if they will continue working. Don't make any hasty decisions. Take a deep breath and assess your symptoms. Don't let your symptoms cloud your judgement. Read more.... Resource: Working with MS PDF Multiple Sclerosis and Employment #ms #multiplesclerosis #autoimmunedisorders #autoimmunediseases Managing Fatigue in the Workplace Managing Fatigue in the Workplace #MS #multiplesclerosis

Employment Issues and Multiple Sclerosis #ms #multiplesclerosis #msandemployement

Employment Issues and Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis produces wide-ranging effects on a person's physical, psychological, and social functioning. One of the most important is its effect on employment. Although the vast majority of people with this disease have employment histories and were working at the time of diagnosis, many are unable to maintain employment as the disease progresses.

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