Sunday, June 4, 2017

10 Reasons to Give up Sugar

I know I feel so much better when I don't eat sugar. When I cut the sugar, my energy level increases! I also know that eating homemade meals and not prepackaged foods are a huge part of it.

I used the Whole30 diet to remove the sugar from my diet. When I don't eat sugar I have a lot more energy. I'm waking up ready to go. I'm not feeling achy in the morning which is a huge improvement. I think my determination is keeping the sugar dragon at bay. I'm not craving the bad things like peanut butter cookies or cinnamon rolls. I'm looking forward to chicken stir-fry, roast beef dinners and hearty, healthy meals that are satisfying.

10 Ways in which eating too much sugar can affect your health

10 Reasons to Quit Sugar - 

#1 Diabetes - new research has shown that sugar has a contributory effect to diabetes, beyond the calories that it contains.

#2 Impaired Learning and Memory - fructose can impair the ability to learn and remember.

#3 Tooth Decay - There is significant evidence that maintaining your intake of excess sugars at below 5% of your diet will help to avoid cavities.

#4 Asthma - The greater the consumption of soft drinks, the more likely an individual is to suffer from one of these respiratory conditions.

#5 Heart Disease - Individuals who consumed 25% of their calories in the form of sugar were found to have double the risk of heart disease vs those whose intake was 7%.

#6 Imbalanced Gut Flora - Research shows that switching to a high-sugar diet can alter the consumption of your gut flora within 24 hours.

#7 Obesity - Studies in both adults and children have demonstrated a link between sugar sweetened beverages and weight gain.

#8 Increased Risk of Cancer - Sugar consumption had been linked to increased risk for ovarian cancer, espohageal cancer, and endometrial cancer, among others.

#9 High Cholesterol - Increased sugar consumption increased sugar consumption increased several risk factors for heart disease.

#10 Faster Aging - It has long been know that diabetics age faster than other people. In the video below you will see how going without sugar for thirty days made the participants feel.


Action Step: Share the benefits you have had when you cut sugar from your diet? Please leave your comments below.

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