Monday, March 6, 2017

Sugar is the Enemy of Autoimmune Disorders

I have learned that sugar is a big contributor to how I feel everyday. An autoimmune disorder can cause me to feel fatigued and sometimes worn out. I have learned that I need to cut out anything that is going to contribute to that feeling. My diet is the best place to start.

It took me a long time to finally say, "There is no place, for sugar in my diet!" and mean it.

  • makes me to feel less energetic.
  • makes my skin itch.
  • causes canker sores.
  • causes weight gain.
When I cut the sugar out of my diet I immediately felt more energetic. This high level of energy was felt for the first week. Then my body leveled back out, to a more normal rhythm.

One more side-affect of cutting the sugar is that my eyes dried out more than usual for the first two or three days. I balanced this by eating more fresh fruits. Even though I have Sjogren's Syndrome, there is a "normal" balance to the dryness in my eyes. Normal for me is having to use my artificial tears once or twice an hour. When I cut the sugar, the first couple of days I have to use the artificial tears three to four times an hour. 

The benefits of cutting the sugar outweigh the first few days of discomfort with my eyes.

In the video below, Dr. Axe tells us how we can kill our sugar addiction naturally. Breaking the sugar addiction isn't a hard thing to do, once you have decided you need to do it.

  sugar_addiction   Sugar is the Enemy of Autoimmune Disorders

Four things you can to do immediately start breaking your sugar addiction

Get the right foods into your diet. Adding in foods that balance out your blood sugar levels and insulin such as healthy protein, fat, and fiber.

Get the sugar and grains out of your diet. Slowly wean yourself off of the sugars and grains and find some healthy replacements that satisfy the sweet craving

Take the right supplements that will help balance out blood sugar levels. Chromium is a great option, a B complex vitamin, and a probiotic supplement.

Start doing the right kind of exercise. Balance your exercise with cardio and resistance training.

Question: What do you think breaking the sugar addiction will do for you? Please leave your comment below.

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